Tuesday, June 16, 2009

News from Our Former "Home" . . . .

As "drf" and I still (unfortunately) have property in our former "home" of Florida, I keep up on the local news fairly regularly. Normally, it's fairly tame stuff, Board of County Commissioner's meetings, school board meetings, yada, yada, yada.

Occasionally, however, some of the local folks of a certain neck colour do make it into the news. Usually due to domestic violence, drug abuse/manufacturing, or traffic offences. Today's blurb I found particularly amusing:

Naked Man Driving Truck

During a traffic stop, north of _____, Monday night; _____ County Sheriff’s deputies encountered a drunk, naked driver. A pick-up truck being driven by 58-year-old _____, of _____ was parked off the shoulder partially blocking traffic on County Highway _____. Upon approaching the vehicle the deputy noted that _____ was wearing only a hat, sunglasses and tan sandals. _____ remarked to the deputy “What’s wrong with a man driving home naked, it’s not against the law”. The officer noted the smell of alcohol.

A woman in the front passenger seat, 47-year-old _____, began yelling profanity at officers. Alcohol was noted coming from her breath. When the deputy tried to remove her from the car, she struck him with her fist. He was not injured, and she was handcuffed at the scene.

_____ was booked for driving under the influence, and _____ faces a felony battery on a law enforcement officer charge. Both were booked into the _____ County Jail.

I really miss that place . . . .

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