Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Timeline as of 4/19/06

Before entering any ruminations, anecdotes, or political diatribes perhaps our timeline of pertinent events thus far would be appropriate. (It has been very informative to us in viewing other blogs to get a feel for timing. Makes it easy to compare our own progress to the "norm" if there is such a thing in this situation.)

Okay, here's our Timeline to date: 4/19/06:

  • 7/25/05 Initial Meeting with immigration attorney
  • 7/25/05 - 8/25/05 Assembling Draft Application Data (Tax returns, business records, verification of common law relationship, education records, addresses, birth certificates, letters of reference, etc.)
  • 8/15/05 FBI fingerprint cards overnighted to FBI for clearance
  • 8/25/05 Working meeting with immigration attorney
  • 9/26/06 Finally finished gathering supporting documents
  • 9/28/05 Application with documents sent off to Buffalo consulate
  • 10/17/05 One partner's FBI fingerprints cleared and accepted
  • 10/25/05 Other partner's FBI fingerprints re-sent for clearance (Initial set illegible)
  • 11/7/05 AOR issued by Buffalo consulate (Yay!)
  • 2//2/06 Other partner's FBI fingerprints re-sent again (2nd set also illegible)
  • 3/13/06 Other partner's FBI fingerprints finally cleared and accepted (Yay!)


Anonymous said...

It sure would be nice if there were some consistency to this process. Our attorney specifically told us NOT to get fingerprints until we were directed by CIC to do so. I've read elsewhere that this might be because if the process takes too long they'll just ask you to get them again. Either way, it sure would be nice if everyone got the same info! BTW, did s/he have you provide proof of funds yet? We were also told not to provide that until asked.

Thanks for posting your info. It *is* very interesting to be able to track things against what others are experiencing.

West End Bob said...
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Daniel wbc said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! As another male/male couple going through the immigration process, it is helpful to be in touch with others doing the same. Congratulations on your progress so far and best wishes in your journey to follow!

Kind of you to link to my (boring) blog. I've now linked to yours. Wow, this could turn into a movement ... I'll settle for a community of sorts.


Alex said...

That timeline is pretty normal from what I've read. I had my application sent back once because I didn't mark N/A under military service and governmnet positions.

I received my AOR last December - so now i'm just waiting, having a beer, watching some tv. You know, the usual.

Potato Head said...

We moved to Canada a year ago (we correctly figured the Dems would figure out how to lose in 04 so had our visas in hand by that point). I'm also perplexed by this timeline, as the fingerprints were the LAST item we had to send in, nearly 9 months after our initial application. And I don't see anything about medical records. (That was the second to last thing.)

Anyway, good luck on the process. I'm passing this link on to some other friends who are moving. Sounds like yours is moving along surprisingly swiftly, based on what we have heard about the surge in applications post-Nov. 4.

West End Bob said...


Our immigration attorney requested the fingerprints when we were initializing the application. It appears that they may have to be redone if our process drags out, however. As for the medical exam, nothing was said about that. Luckily, as I believe they have to be done with a much smaller time frame to the actual issuance of the visa . . . .

West End Bob said...


Looks like we're only a month in front of you . . . . Wanna Race??

Hey, what's with the pic of you with a cocktail by the "Alcoholic Beverages Prohibited . . ." sign?? Pushing the envelope??