Monday, May 29, 2006

Back in Vancouver

Well, life is good . . . . Booked a bargain Northwest Airlines flight way back in January for a two week trip to "Civilization" and am thoroughly enjoying being back "home" . . . . Wish it was permanent!
Just me on this trip - the other half of the partnership is back in Florida with our four-legged child. Have been spending most of the time just enjoying being where people care about other people more than their personal gratification. (Not too mention that the temperature is about 60 degrees F rather than 90+ back home!)
Checked in briefly with our immigration attorney's office just to say "Hi" . . . . Word from our processor was: "No news yet! No news yet!" I really didn't expect any, but it would have been nice to have had some request/clarification, etc. Probably not 'til around November, I'm guessing.
It's also enjoyable to not be bombarded with news/revelations about anything the "w" administration is doing to reduce personal liberties . . . Hopefully, by the time I get back to the States they will not have totally eliminated all of our rights as citizens . . . .


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