Thursday, July 27, 2006

One of the many reasons to move to Vancouver

Last night was the first of four for the Vancouver International fireworks competition - It was beautiful and I am lucky enough to be here for all four - Italy, China, Czech Republic and Mexico . . . . ."drf" will get to experience the last two shows. After Italy's spectacular show last night, the other countries have their work cut out for them!!


The 2006 edition of the HSBC Celebration of Lights kicked off Wednesday with a display of fireworks put on by Italy. About 400,000 crowded vantage points on land and water. The show continues on Saturday with China.


gito said...

Hi, very lovely pictures, it looks like an event we would love to attend. We have been to the fireworks in New York, Chicago and they are pretty impressive. I'd love to go Vancouver! maybe in our Summer trip we will. Thanks for sharing!

West End Bob said...

Come on out, the weather's fine!