Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gay Friendly Vancouver . . . .

Just one more reason to look forward to our move north from today's Vancouver Sun:

Officials celebrate No. 1 gaytravel nod

Vancouver is taking pride in its selection as the No. 1 gay travel destination in Canada.

“We couldn’t be more pleased,” said Candice Gibson, marketing manager at Tourism Vancouver. “Vancouver openly welcomes gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender travellers.”

The survey was conducted by Community Marketing Inc. with 7,500 gay and lesbian participants. Vancouver topped Montreal and Toronto.

Vancouver’s Gay Pride Week draws thousands of visitors each year, and sensitivity training is available for hospitality staff.

Tourism Vancouver has actively marketed the city to gay travellers for a decade.

The campaign includes advertising in gay-specific travel magazines as well as attendance at key industry trade shows.

The marketing program included a “win your wedding” sweepstakes for same-sex couples. B.C.’s same-sex marriage laws attract hundreds of couples each year to exchange vows.

“Vancouver has been doing it right when it comes to being truly gayfriendly. It’s working,” said Thomas Roth, president of Community Marketing Inc.

We're really looking forward to our gay-friendly
future home . . . . .


gito said...

Interesting that all I've heard is Toronto being the friendly city... So cool! So guys are you like ready?

West End Bob said...

You bet!! We've been ready for quite awhile now, Gito . . . .

Daniel wbc said...

Thanks for sharing this. I am surprised that it scored higher than Toronto and Montreal. I do know that folks were really cool when we were up there for Pride weekend.

Sometimes I fantasize about what it will be like to live there -- a city and a country I could be proud of. I wonder how long it will be to take it for granted.


I hope that as an immigrant I will always remember and be thankful.

Now, if I could only get through this current stretch of challenges ...

Tom said...

What a great incentive to be moving to the most welcoming city.

I just hope Canada as a whole will be a welcoming experience for us all.

West End Bob said...

Canada in general and Vancouver in particular will have to be a much more welcoming society than our current place of residence . . . . I doubt if any of us will ever take it for granted after the hoops we've had to jump through to get there.