Thursday, February 22, 2007

Future Prime Minister vs. Current Prime Minister . . . . Who Knows?

Justin Trudeau will seek the federal Liberal party nomination in Montreal's Papineau riding, according to Radio-Canada.

The eldest son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, the late Liberal prime minister, will attempt to jump into politics in a riding currently held by Bloc Québécois MP Vivian Barbot.

Justin Trudeau is following in his father's footstep, running for the federal Liberals in Quebec, Radio-Canada reports.
(Dave Chidley/ Canadian Press)
The riding was once a Liberal stronghold, where former foreign affairs minister Pierre Pettigrew was elected three times.

Oh, and BTW, as of this posting the current PM during Question Period is still refusing to apologize for or retract yesterday's comments about the Liberal MP from Ontario and the 1985 Air India bombing.

It appears "shrub" has learned well from "bush" about how to ignore rational thought and ignite his opponents . . . .

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Daniel wbc said...

I'd probably still vote NDP if given the chance, but would not be despondent to have him as Prime Minister. :-)

And about that allegation that Harper made: what a pig! I hope the Conservatives lose big time in the next election. I'm hoping that their behavior (as well as their policies) will disgust Canadians.