Monday, January 14, 2008

Yup. He Did It . . . .

Looks like the decider-in-chief is going through with his increased militarization of the Mideast.

Compliments of Reuters:

Bush administration tells Congress of arms sale to Saudis
Mon Jan 14, 2008 2:07pm EST

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Bush administration said on Monday it had notified Congress of plans to sell Saudi Arabia bomb-guidance kits as part of a multi-billion-dollar package of advanced arms to Gulf Arab states that officials see as countering growing Iranian military clout.


The value of the JDAMs is about $120 million, he said. This is part of an overall package of arms proposed to be sold to Gulf states. The deals announced so far amount to about $11.5 billion, said McCormack.


The official announcement kicks off a 30-day review period during which U.S. lawmakers could move to block the sale. A number of lawmakers have vowed to try and stop it.

The bomb-guidance kits proposed to be sold to Saudi Arabia are built by Boeing Co and turn unguided bombs into precision munitions with built-in satellite and motion-sensing navigation systems.

As discussed earlier, our Israeli buddies are not too happy with this decision.

Why do I have the feeling that our wonderful Congress will not do a damn thing to put this on ice? Way too much $$$ involved which translates into political contributions, don't you think?

The more things change . . . .

UPDATE #1: PBS' Newshour reported tonight that State Department spokesman Sean McCormack stated the Saudis deserved the equipment as they had been a great ally in the "war on terror" and were making excellent strides against terrorism.


Just how in hell are bomb-dropping aircraft supposed to be used against the average terrorist?

Update #2: Here's a perk georgie got out of the deal. Must be great to be him, eh?

Unf'ingbelievable . . . .

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