Saturday, May 03, 2008

Pedestrian Safety Program . . . .

For more on this exciting new pedestrian safety program, check out The Onion . . . .


Vancouver Isle Doug said...

OK, I checked out your link to The Onion and found this article - Potential Employee Uprising Quelled With Free Pizza.

I had them e-mail it to my last boss!! HAHAHA!!! I forgot how dang funny that 'newspaper' is!!

Thanks for the chuckle!! And KEEP PACKING!!!

West End Bob said...

"Separating" is more like it:

Things for the U-Haul;
Things for the trash;
Things for Goodwill;
Things to stay in Florida. (By far the largest category 'til we're able to unload this place and buy a larger unit in Vancouver. We're not counting the days on that!)

Four weeks from Wednesday is Departure Day from bushLand - Yippee ! ! ! !