Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dithering democrats ! ! ! !

Per Reuters today:

Spy, phone protection bill clears Senate hurdle

Wed Jun 25, 2008 6:43pm EDT - WASHINGTON
(Reporting by Thomas Ferraro)

(Reuters) - A White House-backed spy bill to protect telecommunication companies from billions of dollars in possible privacy lawsuits passed a Senate test vote on Wednesday and headed toward final congressional approval.


"This bill is not a compromise. It is a capitulation," said Sen. Russ Feingold, a Wisconsin Democrat.

Feingold has offered an amendment to strip out protection for telecommunication companies. But both Democrats and Republicans predict the amendment will be rejected.

Anti-democratic legislation supported by an idiot President with approval ratings hovering in the 30% range, and he gets everything he asked for! At least Feingold still has the right idea, but he's pretty much a lone voice in a sea of weaklings.

Knowing how enamoured harperco is with all things bushco, how many weeks, months or year's time will elapse 'til this little bit of crapola makes it up here?

And the dems would have you believe that things will be different when they have control of Congress and the White House. (If you buy into that, we've still got some Florida swampland we'll sell you.) They can't even muster the votes to protect the liberties and civil rights of US citizens that the Constitution mandates.

As "drf" continues to remind me: "It's just politics, Bob!"

Yup, looks like it is, and it ain't a'changin' anytime soon, no matter what "fairy" tales the DNC tries to feed you.

As Dana at TGB says: "Get drunk and stay drunk!" . . . .

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Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Between this story and the one about Exxon/Mobil it appears to be business as usual in the US of A. Both stories point out that the people really have no say so in much of anything any more. How sad.

Being from WI we are glad to have supported Russ Feingold and are glad to see that he still is speaking up for the people. I truly think that he is one of a VERY few that actually READ the bills they are voting on and understands their long term implications. Go Russ!