Friday, July 04, 2008

The USians are Coming . . . .

Per today's Vancouver Sun:

Number of American immigrants surging
Canwest News Service

Canada is experiencing a surge in immigrants from the United States, according to a Fourth of July analysis of demographic data that spotlights cross-border migration between the two countries — including the “provincesize” population of more than 850,000 Canadian-born residents of the U.S.

The numbers, compiled by the Montreal-based Association for Canadian Studies to mark the U.S. Independence Day holiday, show the inflow of Americans during the 2001-2006 census period was nearly 39,000 — well above the 24,155 during the previous five-year period and more than double the 18,770 who came to Canada between 1991 and 1996.

ACS executive director Jack Jedwab says the increase appears to stem from Canada’s stronger economic performance in recent years relative to the U.S.

“I think there may be a sense in the U.S. that Canada is offering more interesting economic opportunities,” he said. “The brains are draining both ways.”

But while Canada may be “narrowing the gap” in cross-border migrations, says Jedwab, “our net loss is still very big.”

That’s because a report earlier this year by Statistics Canada revealed that each year between 2000 and 2004, an average of about 68,900 Canadians moved south of the border.

In fact, notes the ACS study, the steady southward stream of emigrants to the U.S. has created a community of Canadian-born Americans bigger than the population of New Brunswick — an estimated 846,913 people, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Other U.S. census data shows three million Americans trace their ancestry to Canada.

And I thought we were special.

Perhaps george bush was good for something after all . . . .


Jen said...

Is that what those flags are about? We saw one at Canada Day at Parliament Hill here in Ottawa, but we didn't know what it represented. It got my group started on a discussion of Deep Integration, which wasn't very festive, and then Joel Plasket started, and well, I never got around to asking.

West End Bob said...


I doubt if the flag pictured pertains to Canada/US immigration, but the visual worked.

Any discussion on Deep Integration would not be too festive, for sure . . . .

I-girl said...
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redsock. said...
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West End Bob said...
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Scott M. said...
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Scott M. said...

Those flags drive me nuts. I have no problem flying both flags (prominent flag being country you're in), but mixing the flags makes an ugly, disrespectful mess.


Tom said...

Interesting statistics. I never knew the actual numbers.

I bet the reasons for moving are different.

Canada to US = Mainly $$$

US to Canada = Better place to live.

Jasmine said...

"No deep integration with the USA"

Hmm... I thought Canada was all about multiculturalism? You can't pick and choose. Either you're multicultural or you're not.

Trust me, the ones moving over to your side of the border, are just as left-winged as you guys are. Keep in mind, WHY they left the US. They have no intention to "Bushize" your precious-neck-oh-the-woods. Sharia Law is so much more peaceful anyway. Good luck with that! :D

I thought Canadians were all about sharing and not getting. Why are they coming to the US to make money? I thought only yanks like to make money... Hmmm... now, I'm really confused.

I'm becoming more aware everyday how truly xenophobic and bigoted my holy neighbors to the north are. Let's just say that the peaceful veneers that you bigots wear are very, very transparent.

West End Bob said...


Sorry you feel that way about your "holy neighbors to the north".

Being from Texas, you no doubt are looking forward to your fellow Texan, george bush, returning home to Crawford. His reign of terror is finally nearing an end - That is unless he and dickhead cheney declare themselves dictators for life.

To quote you: "Good luck with that! :D" . . . .