Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Canadian Health Care, Take 2 . . . .

And further to the Canadian health care system, as it has applied to me so far:

Upon my first visit to my new General Practitioner back in October, he recommended me to a dermatologist to get some things checked out. It took 6 weeks to get the appointment - not unlike the time frame for the same specialist back in Florida.

Today was the appointment and it once again was a 3-bus, 24 minute trip to the office. The appointment was for 1:00, I got in to see the doctor at 1:03, and he came in the room before I even had my jacket off.
After checking everything out, he sprayed some liquid nitrogen on a few things, wants a "procedure" visit in January for another item and sent me on my way. All told, a 12 minute visit with the doctor who was very pleasant. When I asked him if I had to do anything special for the areas he had sprayed today, he says: "Just don't drink any alcohol for three weeks." I looked at him with obvious puzzlement and he says: "Kidding! Just kidding!" Thank the Universe! Talk about your withdrawal agony . . . .

At any rate, the whole trip was like an hour and half with very efficient results. Oh, and BTW, no charge as it's included in our BC health plan which costs us $96 a month for both of us. Not bad, eh?

Thus far we are very happy with the health care in our new home. Granted, my stuff has been pretty routine at this point. Our blogger friend mseh has had some specialist issues in New Brunswick which haven't been great, but so far so good for us.

We hope it stays that way . . . .

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