Wednesday, January 28, 2009

R.I.P. Coalition . . . .

Quelle surprise!

The liberal leader ignatieff caves to harper and puts stevie's nail gun to The Coalition, per 24 Hours.
Time to remove the logo from the sidebar, unfortunately.

It appears his plan is to let stevie wallow through the next couple of years and take the blame for the crappy economic situation. After he garners strength and name recognition he can "ride to the rescue" of Canada.

Never mind that he is obviously putting political positioning above the welfare of the Canadian people.

A pox on all their houses . . . .


Tom said...

Ignatieff is a vile man. We're supposed to be amazed by his education and work experience. Anyone stupid enough to support the Iraq war and torture doesn't belong as head of a national party.

West End Bob said...

Much less President of a country, huh ? ? ? ?

opit said...

Not President. Our Prime Minister actually has powers which technically exceed those of a President.
Back in 1993 Jean Chretien gave the Canadian voter an educational experience.
Running against neophyte Kim Campbell, who took over as P.M. from Brian Mulroney, finishing his term, Kim ran promoting NAFTA and GST.
Well, the GST ended up being also known as 'God Save the Tories' : they ended up virtually disappearing in the Commons. 2 seats. They didn't even qualify for tax exempt status as a recognized party.
Jean? He issued a Red Book of campaign promises which said things like no Free Trade and GST to be gone.
Remarkable. He didn't keep one of his promises that I am aware of.
The latest brouhaha was over the ability of corporations to fund political parties. You might say we recognized the symptoms of payola.

West End Bob said...

Well, opit, I actually was referring to Former (thank goodness) President bush.

Thanks for the Chretien/Kim Campbell info, though. I was not aware of that bit of Canadian political history . . . .