Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yup, One Year Ago Today . . . .

Lots going on, but I wanted to document that today is the one year anniversary of "drf" and I actually performing the physical landing as Permanent Residents of Canada.

The "Four Footed Child" didn't make it 'til June, but our family was and is very happy about the whole experience. We highly recommend it.

"Come on up - The water's fine . . . .

Photo courtesy of our friends Tom & Emilio


Lisa said...

Well congratulations, and welcome!!

Best wishes from a pair of lesbian ex-U.S.-residents. We've been in Canada for a year and a half and would never dream of moving back. We absolutely love it here! So glad to hear you do too.

Even after all this time, we often still wake up in the morning thinking we're still in the States, and have to remind ourselves that yes, we really did make it to Canada. The paperwork and the move are done; they weren't just a dream. It's unreal, somehow - but a very nice way to start the day. :-)


West End Bob said...

Thanks for the well-wishes, Ex-Expat!

Glad to see you made it back home, too.

Great place to be, eh ? ? ? ?