Tuesday, March 03, 2009

It Wasn't the Devil that Made Him Do It . . . .

Per CBC News today:

Li pleads not guilty in Greyhound beheading trial
Tuesday, March 3, 2009 | 1:21 PM CT
| CBC News

Believing he was acting on orders from God, Vincent Li attacked a stranger on a Greyhound bus last summer, mutilating his victim before decapitating him and cannibalizing part of the body.

In a clear, firm voice, Li pleaded not guilty Tuesday in Winnipeg to a charge of second-degree murder in the death of 22-year-old Timothy McLean of Winnipeg on a Greyhound bus in Manitoba last July.

The Crown and defence have agreed on a statement of facts read to the court on Tuesday that suggests Li was mentally ill at the time of the slaying.


McLean's family has been lobbying for changes to the Criminal Code, pushing for victim-protection legislation they call "Tim's law."

The proposed legislation would prevent a person found not criminally responsible of a crime from being released into the community. It would mean that the most violent, unpredictable people who have committed a crime would face incarceration for life, with no possibility of release.

Tim McLean's mother, Carol deDelley, told CBC News prior to the trial that she does not want to see Li ever released from custody.

Mental illness can be devastating, both for the sufferer and other parties who unfortunately become involved . . . .


Anonymous said...

AS horrific as this murder was, I must disagree with Tim McLean's family. Vince Li was clearly ill and I believe our society should not punish people like him. However, he should get treatment in a secure facility and *not* be released until he is no longer a danger to others (this may be the rest of his life if necessary).

I do worry that this terrible murder may give people that impression that people with mental illnesses are dangerous when the majority are only a danger to themselves and commit murder at a lower rate than people without mental illnesses.

Oemissions said...

This must have been the worst case ever. Even from the first reportings, I still have to try to rid my mind of the details, but it is not possible.
How horrible for all others present, and the family.... how do they cope?
Tim's Law is a necessity.
For a crime like this, Mr. Li must never be allowed in public and even in an institution, he would need to be monitored.