Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Go, Gazetteer, Go . . . .

Our pal RossK got some well-deserved recognition today.

From The Tyee today:

Welcome to the new BC Blogs

We're paying new attention to the local blogosphere, and we hope you will too. You'll find new categories, more sites, easier navigation. And we’ve added... Blog of the Week: Every week we'll recommend a B.C. blog that we think deserves more attention. Such sites are informative, well designed, and well written, with a distinctive attitude.

Our first Blog of the Week meets all those criteria and then some:

The Gazetteer is combative, easy to read and navigate, and strongly engaged in B.C. politics. The daily coverage of the election has plenty of items that most media don't run.

Way to go, RossK!

We appreciate your efforts to inform the blogosphere.

Thank You, Sir . . . .


Cliff said...

It's a good choice. I hope Alison from Creekside makes it on to their list sooner rather than later.

West End Bob said...

I'm sure The Lady Alison will, Cliff.

She would be another well-deserved recipient . . . .

RossK said...



Alison should have been on that list in, like, 1964.....

Thanks Bob!!