Sunday, July 19, 2009

Moyers on Health Care Winners & Losers . . . .

Once again, Bill Moyers of PBS puts current events in their respective places.

His essay this week was on the winners and losers in the debate over US health care "reform."

If anyone has doubts that there will be substantial "reform" I'm with 'ya. There is WAY too much $$ involved on the corporate side to allow it. That $$ funnelled to elected "representative's" political campaign funds was and is not $$ wasted. Politicians know it, lobbyists know it, political "talking heads" know it and the for-profit health industry knows it.

So why does the MSM continue to report the story like there is actually a snowball's chance in hell of "reform"? Probably the same reason they:

Insisted there were meaningful debates during the presidential campaign;
Had wall to wall coverage of Michael Jackson's death;
Cover Britney Spears' lastest breakdown ad nauseum;
Convince everyone to run for cover from swine flu H1N1;
Warn that professional sports is coming to an end due to steroid use by the athletes;
Blah, blah, blah, blah blah.*

It all boils down to ratings/commercial ad rates which - as is the case with the for-profit health industy - means profit$.

They're all playin' for the same team.

Wanna know who the losers are gonna be in this "debate"?

Look around. Unless you're in the corporate boardroom, you are . . . .

*(As a side note, can you imagine Walter Crokite reporting on MJ's funeral or BS' breakdowns in any way, shape or form? Nah, me neither . . . . )


Pale said...

Unless you are in the corporate boardroom you are.....

Shit out of luck?

Its so frustrating to see how bought and paid for the elected reps are. (everywhere, here too)
And not too many in the "mainstream" call them on it.
Moyers is doing a great job on this issue.

There is that new report however, which will make it so much easier to blow the Rethugs and blue dogs fiscal responsibility crap out the door. Congressional Budget office released numbers showing that the public option may even yield a surplus. Woo hoo.

West End Bob said...

SOL is more than likely the correct answer, Pale.

As for the CBO report: I have serious doubts that the pols/MSM will place any credibility in it. The numbers don't work with their "talking points" so we're "f" 'd . . . .