Sunday, November 15, 2009

Help! It's Here Now ! ! ! !

If you think the influence of the US christian right "wrong" is creeping north across the 49th, there's now proof.

On a trip to the US southland last summer I was not surprised to see this ad on television down there. Unfortunately, it is now here.

Two, count 'em two ads for the item within the past hour on "ahem," "choke," "gasp" CTV.

It appears harper is winning, ya'll . . . .


Shaun said...

Are Protestants wearing flashy crosses now? I thought only Catholics did that. What bugs me about Harper's Regime is the changes to the citizenship guide. Pure ideology! So how come more and more Canadians vote for this guy? His numbers go up every time they do another poll. What gives, Canucks?

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Yeah, I have seen that commercial too and I just laugh. Can they REALLY take that seriously??? I suppose they can. Have you seen the religious TV show on weekdays 5-5:30am? They are SO funny. I see the end when I get up to let the dog out.