Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bullsh_t . . . .

For lack of a better term, the post title says it all.

The Toronto Star reports from Copenhagen:

U.S. cuts deal with dairy farmers to lower methane gas emission

December 16, 2009 COPENHAGEN – The United States is counting on cows to help save the planet.

U.S. Secretary Tom Vilsack announced an agreement with the American dairy industry Tuesday to reduce the industry's greenhouse gas emissions 25 per cent by 2020, mostly by convincing farmers to capture the methane from cow manure that otherwise would be released into the atmosphere. The plan requires more farmers to buy an anaerobic digester, which essentially converts cow manure into electricity.

"This historic agreement, the first of its kind, will help us achieve the ambitious goal of drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions while benefiting farmers," Vilsack said at the U.N. climate talks. "(The) use of manure technology is a win for everyone."

Leave it to a government official to spread the sh_t around and make it smell like roses . . . .


opit said...

I saw one where companies figured it was cheaper to get credits to reforest the Third World than pay for installation of better technology.Yet I'm not as excited enough about 'climate' change to discount needed reforestation.
There's a reason.
Here's a quick look at what I have noticed over the years
WTF has this to do with climate, say you ? The leading link is the giveaway. Here it is again ( Repost of Dec 1 article)
That isn't enough for a change of mind by itself of course...but when a science writer prods you with YouTube links ( Dec 4 ) from a Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences...
I started digging : just in time for Climategate. I'm still finding fragments.
And Nepmak2000's thread with John and John is he and I.

opit said...

p.s. Global now has a reference section on the matter.

Unknown said...

If you don't think methane from dairy is a problem, you've been living under a rock (and perhaps haven't seen a periodic table recently).

Methane (CH4) pretty easily converts into carbon dioxide (CO2) on contact with oxygen (O2).

This is actually a good deal; a better deal, however, would be to breed cows that produce less methane in their gut to begin with.

opit said...

It's not so much I haven't seen how methane is a more important player in 'greenhouse gas' analysis as that I haven't restricted myself to believing everything I have been told without doing some fact checking. Not that I originally was ready to flat out say that 'the con was on'. I am now : and have enough information from chasing the ideas flying around for the better part of a year to smell a rat. Several actually.
But the file does include charges and counter charges revolving around a false dichotomy...a 'framed' situation chasing its tail around false assumptions.
Who am I to argue with scientists ?
I tried checking out what scientists actually had to say. It didn't match the allegations.