Friday, July 30, 2010

Could be Worse . . . .

Guess there could be worse things than being in Vancouver, BC in the summer. Even though we have a crappy Premier and an even crappier Prime Minister it's still better than being in our former homeland - especially at this time of the year.

Check out this report from our former local area newspaper today and you'll get the picture:

County Sheriff’s Office responded to an argument that led to a food fight at a home Thursday night.

The responding deputy found a 42-year-old woman sitting outside her residence on Grant Avenue crying with food particles in her hair. She told the deputy she and her live-in boyfriend had an argument and he threw a pie at her.

The 57-year-old boyfriend, who was also at the residence, said his girlfriend, who is seven months pregnant, was inconsolable about an argument that happened earlier in the day. At some point, someone threw an apple pie at the other person. The man said he couldn’t remember who threw the pie first, but the other person responded by throwing the rest of the pie.

The deputy noted in his report there were remnants of an apple pie and other food items smeared on the floor and cabinets. Neither had any injuries associated with the argument and report notes both were intoxicated at the time.

There were no charges in the incident.

“While both parties threw pie at each other there was no intent to cause harm,” according to the report.

Hard to tell which is more depressing: The story itself or the fact that it made it to print in the local newspaper.

As "drf" and I tell each other on a regular basis:

"We are bl
issed . . . . "

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Nitangae said...

Well, events like this do happen in Canada, I am afraid. You didn't escape it by leaving the states. So you are back to ghastly Harper on the one hand, the faux-Liberals of BC on the other.