Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Gay Pride, Vancouver Edition . . . .

This is the fifth year we've been able to view the Pride Parade in Vancouver. It's also our second Pride Parade of this year, as on our trip to Portland in June we also enjoyed theirs. (More on Portland below.)

The parade included all the usuals:

Political/Civic Figures:
(with the notable exception of the BC LINOs (Liberal in Name Only)
- might have something to do with Premier gordo campbell's
sinking poll numbers due to the unpopular
H(arper)S(ales)T(ax) implementation)

Elizabeth May:

MP Hedy Frye:

BC Civil Liberties Chair David Eby:

Parks Board Chair Aaron Jasper:

Dancing Girls

Buxom Ladies:

Colourful Drag Queens:

Hunky (Yumm!) Hockey Players:

Tall People:

Corporate Sponsors:

And the stephen harper Tribute:

Now for more Gay and happy news: Federal Judge Vaughn R. Walker in California has issued his ruling on Proposition 8 there. He found that California's voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage violates the federal constitutional rights of gay people.

The case will be appealed to the Ninth Circuit of Appeals in Portland (See, I told you there would be more about Portland!) and then on to the Supreme Court. Just happened to snap a couple of pics of the courthouse, as these are typically "The Good Guys" in judicial circles.

Cross your fingers . . . .

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