Friday, October 29, 2010

Coming to Canada Soon ? ? ? ?

Welcome to Crazytown . . . .

H/T: drf

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opit said...

That's beautiful.

I'm reminded of a montage posted by Jurrasic Pork at 'Welcome to Pottersville' years ago. He simply posted snaps of headers where Faux News introduced stories on their broadcasts, complete with writing on a noticeboard completely misrepresenting the story.
It was picked up by Larry Johnson at 'No Quarter' and promoted online - until JP ran into copyright infringement problems from the legal eagles. All references disappeared from both blogs
- as did Search results and the weblog!!!!
JP returned with 'Welcome Back to Pottersville' ( he and KateInMaine/White Noise Insanity had a hate-on going for a while before the disappearance ).
That game is rather like GWB standing in front of the 'Mission Accomplished' sign on the carrier deck while dressed in a flight jacket ( having been pilot of a widowmaker aircraft in the National Guard - which is where he managed to garner the nickname AWoL without getting hanged )
Or look up 'Holocaust' in YouTube and play Ahmadinejad's interview with Peter Jennings...being sure to listen to what HE says...not Jennings' allegations and speculations. For that matter, Dick Cheney's 1994 interview explaining why George Bush Sr. did NOT invade Iraq is pretty good background.
But to your post : this stuff is old as old...and works. Have a look around the Topical Index at for 'Perception Alteration' for instance. The backgrounder to this stuff is insane.