Friday, April 27, 2012

Side-Splitting Laughter on May 18th . . . .

From today's Adbusters email.

Full page link here.    Pay particular attention to the Laughriot on May 18th.

The May 2012 Insurrection

Tactical Briefing #30.
Hey you dreamers, strikers and new left redeemers out there,
For thirty-one magical days beginning this Tuesday, May 1, we take the plunge and Strike! We block the Golden Gate Bridge; occupy a Manhattan-bound tunnel; seize the ports. In 115 cities, we march into banks, erect tents and refuse to leave. We disrupt financial institutions forcing thousands to preemptively close. Five thousand of us pray, dance, sleep on Wall Street and in front of the Fed and if the Bloombergs of the world bring out paramilitary police to intimidate us, we use our social media fire to call out 50,000 more occupiers.

Hope to hear ya'll laughing hysterically on May 18th . . . .

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