Wednesday, May 01, 2013

barry's Continued Assault on Civil Liberties . . . .

continues with this report from today:

Government Plans to Fine Internet Companies for Refusing Wiretaps 

Seeking to foil terrorism and criminal plots, the Obama administration wants Congress to adopt legislation that would fine Internet companies for not going along with Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) intercepts of electronic communications. 

Under the proposed plan, a company could face a series of escalating fines for not turning over information sought by the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies. The fines would begin at tens of thousands of dollars and, after 90 days, would double every day for noncompliance.
The agency’s general counsel, Andrew Weissmann, has said that wiretapping the Internet is currently the FBI’s “top priority.”

Wonder how the "progressive" voters of The Excited States are feeling 'bout their prez these days?  Aww, they prob'ly agree with everything he does what with that "lesser of two evils" mantra and all.

The sad thing is, the "lesser" is becoming the "major" with each passing day . . . .

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Anonymous said...

Nobody hears the real news anymore in the US...they've done a great job at protecting us from the Truth!