Monday, August 07, 2006

Footnote to Gay Pride in Vancouver

Here's another answer to the "Where's Stephen??" queerie (sp) . . . .

SENATOR GERRY ST. GERMAIN had 1,200 members of the B.C. Conservative caucus over for a barbecue at his and wife Margaret’s 28-hectare south Surrey ranch recently. (To be accurate, it was the same day as the Gay Pride Parade.)
That’s a bigger crowd than the annual beano drew when Jean Chretien and Paul Martin’s governments occupied Ottawa. It was doubtless swelled by fulfilled rumours that Prime Minister Stephen Harper and wife Laureen would mingle with guests after being whisked past some three-dozen protesters at the ranch’s gates.
The latter disregarded Grit-turned-Tory Trade Minister David Emerson, who escorted wife Theresa, to focus on alleged Canadian government support of Israel’s fight against Hezbollah terrorists. Few heard the plaints, though, as amplified country artist Kenny Hess performed songs from his Where Love Leads album.
Partisan attendees clapped at Harper’s promise to rebuild the “overtasked and under-equipped” Canadian Armed Forces. Applause for tougher criminal legislation, especially regarding sexual predators, increased when Harper addressed his government’s approach to family funding with: “We believe the real child-care experts in this country are called mom and dad.”
Host St. Germain, who was appointed to the senate hours before Tory Prime Minister Brian Mulroney left office, beamed throughout. He kept it up even when Harper said he hoped to reduce senatorial terms in office “from 45 years to eight years.”
That would still be a longer kick at the can than the affair’s other attendees — 600 chickens — got.

Don't think those views would have been too well received at the parade, thank goodness!

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