Tuesday, August 08, 2006

They're In!!!

Mason and Nick are In!!!

Congratulations, Guys!! (The following is from their blog.)

Welcome to Canada

We got a letter from Seattle in the mail today, and I immediately dropped everything and drove over to Mason's job. I walked into his office and we opened the manila envelope together...

This concerns your application for permanent residence in Canada. The processing of your application is complete. We require valid passports for you and your spouse before we can issue your permanent residence visa(s)...

We're in, and I'm speechless.
Posted by Nikolas

Here's their Timeline for all of those interested . . . .

Application Submitted: 02-14-2005
Application placed in queue: 03-21-2005
Transferred to Seattle Consulate: 02-09-2006
Initial Assessment Complete/Request for Additional Info: 03-07-2006
Medical Examinations: 03-13-2006
FBI Clearances Received: 04-07-2006/04-20-2006
Second Round of Documents to CIC-Seattle: 04-20-2006
Request from CIC-MSB in Ottawa for further medical: 05-12-2006
Application approved (WE'RE IN!), Requests for passports: 08-07-2006

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Niko said...

Thank you :-)

Here's hoping yours comes soon :-)