Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Banker Woes . . . .

This blurb on the Vancouver Sun editorial page today would be humorous if it hadn't had reminded me of mr. wolfowitz' role in initiating the war in Iraq. As "rummy's" right-hand man, he was one of the prime proponents of invading Iraq and it's devastating consequences.

Banker doesn't give a darn about putting his best foot forward

Vancouver Sun Published: Wednesday, January 31, 2007

As president of the World Bank, Paul Wolfowitz is handsomely remunerated, to the tune of a $ 300,000 US tax- free salary, along with a mortgage allowance and golf club membership.

So it’s no surprise that Wolfowitz cuts an impressive figure, with a sartorial style that includes fancy shoes and designer suits. You might even been tempted to say that he looks smashing from head to toe — but it’s probably best if you don’t say that.

In fact, it’s best you don’t mention Wolfowitz’s toes at all since they’ve received enough, um, exposure. You see, the World Bank prez found himself in Edirne, Turkey, on Monday, and did what many dignitaries do: He visited the Ottoman- era Selimiye mosque. Further, he did what anyone does when visiting a mosque: He removed his shoes.

So far so good. But as Wolfowitz was leaving, those ubiquitous paparazzi were waiting for him, and they managed to catch him with his pants down -- or at least with his shoes off. And wouldn't you know it, it seems Wolfowitz was a little behind with his laundry that day, since he had not one, but two large holes in the toes of his socks.

Now there are several possible explanations for Wolfowitz’s footloose and fancy- free attitude. Although it seems unlikely, perhaps the president of the World Bank has fallen on hard times, hard enough to prevent him buying a decent pair of socks. Or perhaps he’s making a statement here, one that says the president of World Bank is willing operate on an, um, shoestring budget to ensure that his money — and yours — is not wasted.

But we think there’s a simpler explanation: Perhaps Wolfowitz just doesn’t give a hoot, since he obviously doesn’t give a darn.

World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz has a
bad sock day as he leaves Ottoman-era Selimiye
mosque in Turkey on Monday.

Photograph by : Nadir Alp, Associated Press

Perhaps the holes in his theories on international relations should be of more import than those in his socks . . . .

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