Thursday, January 18, 2007

Time to 'Fess Up, Al . . . .

Gonzales Testifies on Eavesdropping Changes (Compliments of the Washington Post)

WASHINGTON, Jan. 18 -- Attorney General
Alberto R. Gonzalez was lectured on Capitol Hill today by senators who were only partly mollified by the Bush administration’s concession to allow judicial oversight of its electronic-eavesdropping program.

Let's hope this is only the first of many times Al is called upon to explain his actions to limit personal freedoms.

Real congressional oversight is going to be something this administration will - hopefully - have to get used to . . . .

UPDATE HERE to reveal the Canadian connection to this story. "You go, Pat Leahy!!"


Anonymous said...

The body language and facial expression say a lot.

Too bad, Al.

Tom said...

That was pretty awesome of Pat Leahy.

This week we learned Bush wants to read our mail.

What's next?

West End Bound said...

Probably what's next is that bush reads our mail . . . Hey, he's got Alberto to interpret the laws for him, so no problem, right??