Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A New Frame Around the Visual . . . .

Frequently I am involved in political discussions with friends and family (Imagine that!!) when the topic of how awful it is that bushco has nearly 2 years left to screw up the US even worse than they already have. (Actually, as of today it is 677 days and counting according to the Official George W. Bush "Days Left In Office" Countdown clock on this page.)

While agonizing over the time they have left in office, one day I decided to "re-frame" the visual into something which I think is a much more positive use of time. Rather than commiserating about how bad the situation is, I now view it in a different light:

In the time bushco has left in office, the current Congress will continue to subpoena, call before committees, investigate, demand explanations, etc. of these dredges of humanity while they are still in office and assumed to be accountable for their actions.
The phrase "twisting in the wind" comes to mind - especially with al's DOJ revelations yesterday. I'm putting my money on Senator Pat Leahy's chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee to get to the bottom of this latest abuse of power. No doubt many of their actions will result in trials, convictions and sentencing for crimes committed. Are you getting the visual yet?

You would be amazed how many times a smile comes to my face these days.

Try it and see if it doesn't work for you also. It's a lot cheaper than therapy or anti-depressants . . . . .


Daniel wbc said...

Thanks for this.

West End Bob said...


Hope it works for you guys . . . It seems to be for us.