Thursday, March 01, 2007

They Had Their Chance . . . .

Former Rhode Island Senator Lincoln D. Chafee , (R) writes in a New York Times op ed today that current senators running for US president had an option back in October of 2002 regarding the Iraq situation.

He concludes:

The Senate had the opportunity to support a more deliberate, multilateral approach, one that still would have empowered the United States to respond to any imminent threat posed by Saddam Hussein. We must not sidestep the fact that a sensible alternative did exist, but it was rejected. Candidates — Democrat and Republican — should be called to account for their vote on the Levin amendment.

When you listen to those senators involved in the campaign try and explain why they voted in support of mr. bush's actions, remember that they did have a viable option at the time.

They should have taken it . . . .

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