Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bowen Bon Voyage . . . .

Tomorrow is return to Florida and departure from Vancouver.

Mixed emotions, definitely . . . .

It will be great to see "drf" and "the four legged child", but it's not so great to leave Vancouver.

Yesterday, a spur of the moment decision took me to Horseshoe Bay and the BC ferry to Bowen Island.

Since I had never been, and the day was free, why not?

A 30 minute bus ride and a 20 minute ferry ride had me in "downtown" Bowen in less than an hour.

(These photos should be very familiar to Bowen Island resident Alison of Creekside blog . . . . .)

Back to reality tomorrow morning . . . .
Next post from warm and sunny Florida.


Daniel wbc said...

Safe travel, friend. I can imagine it must be hard to leave home. But you'll be reunited with the loves of your life. And, soon enough, we'll all be living full time in Vancouver.

Tom said...

Thanks for sharing the pics. You are going to live in such a beautiful area.

I bet DRF and the pooch missed you terribly.

Dave said...

Have a safe trip to Florida. Hope to see you permanently affixed to the Vancouver landscape in the near future.

It was great meeting you, (and all the others) at our Sunday Bloggerpalooza.

Anonymous said...

Where are youuuuuuu? Fine, I hope!

West End Bob said...

Thanks for the safe travel wishes - All went well. I made it fine with "drf" to meet me at the airport. The one bag I checked, however, did not make it when I did. Not a problem - unless you count the four-legged child being disappointed as her "treats" were in the bag! She got them today, however, and all is well.

Alison said...

Oh shit, my "bon voyage" comment last week never showed up here.
Bit late now ;-)

What I also said was I can't believe you came all the way to Bowen and didn't look me up.
If you had asked someone at the lagoon (bottom pic) "where does Alison live?", they would have said, "just up that trail on the right".
Next time.
Hope that swan didn't bother you - vicious bone-breaking bastard, that one.

West End Bob said...


See my email to you on this . . . :)