Tuesday, July 24, 2007

al . . . . Again . . . .

'Ya know, the last time I was here in Vancouver, al gonzales was testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee. There seems to be a pattern here. As I am posting this, he is being "queeried" by Ted Kennedy.

While I tuned in to CSPAN 3 late into the proceedings, it was a joy to see Chuck Schumer and Russ Feingold both "rip him a new one" on a variety of topics. Schumer appears to be heading for a perjury charge against 'ole al due to his past testimonies.

Chairman Pat Leahy questioned him about Monica Goodling's testimony in which she said al talked to her about the Justice Department and upcoming appearances before Congress . al's defense was that yes, he had spoken to her - in contrast to his earlier sworn statements - but only "to console an emotionally distraught woman." Good grief.

Go Get Him, Guys ! ! ! !

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Anonymous said...

what a jerk he is.

be gone with you!