Friday, July 20, 2007

Looking For Weapons of Mass Obstruction . . . .

This from Reuters today:

Bush to undergo colon exam on Saturday
Fri Jul 20, 2007 1:54PM EDT

- President George W. Bush

will undergo what aides described as a routine colonoscopy on Saturday at the Camp David presidential retreat.

During the time Bush, 61, is under anesthesia, he would delegate power to Vice President Dick Cheney, White House spokesman Tony Snow said.

I am rather surprised that dickhead cheney will have Presidential powers delegated to him. Surely they will discover cheney's "undisclosed location" shortly into the exam.

Our friend Patrick had what I find to be the most appropriate response:

The only question I have is WHERE will they insert the probe?

I mean, he’s totally an asshole – will they go into the throat, the ear or nose, or urethra?

It would be silly to limit the search for colon polyps to simply the rectum when he is unquestionably the world’s biggest asshole overall."

Well said . . . .


Alison said...

"Surely they will discover cheney's "undisclosed location" shortly into the exam.

Best take on this I've heard yet.

West End Bound said...

I live to serve . . . .

Is it raining on Bowen, Alison??

Alison said...

Friggin deluge.
I decorated a church hall tonight for a Harry Potter party but the best part was the waterfall pouring over the gutters they had to walk through to get in.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I mentioned to P that Bush was having a colonoscopy. Her reply? "Maybe they'll find the weapons of mass destruction." Cracked me up.