Monday, February 18, 2008

Blogger Family Mini-Reunion . . . .

This weekend was a special one for "drf" and I. We did a completely public transit trip from Vancouver to Victoria/Vancouver Island. An adventure in our new home - Yay!

Hopped on a Translink bus and transferred a couple of times to get to a BC
Ferries terminal at Tsawwassen . Boarded the "Queen of Vancouver" - avoid the obvious comments regarding queens and "fairies", please - for a less than two hour trip through the Strait of Georgia and the Gulf Islands to Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island. From there we hopped on a BC Transit bus, transferred once and called our friends of Our journey toward Canadian Immigration to retrieve us from the local mall. All this for the paltry amount of $17.25 CA! 'Ya gotta love public transportation!

(An added benefit on the "fairy" ride was the real queen that accompanied us.)

This was "drf's" first time meeting Mary and
Diane of OjtCI, so it was a real treat for him. It was a treat for both of us to meet the four-legged children of the girls. What a barrel of fun and energy they are! I would post more pics of them, but this crappy temporary internet connection we have takes forever to upload. I promise to do it when we have a real connection!

Mary and Diane's hospitality and accomodations were superb - We highly recommend staying at their home whenever you're on Vancouver Island. Go ahead, I think they're accepting reservations now for spring and summer visits. :-)
They may even greet you with a fabulous dessert and champagne as they did for us:

Saturday evening we all climbed into Diane's big macho-truck to meet Doug and Dixon of Newly Canadian. Another treat for both "drf" and I! Our blogger "family" just keeps getting bigger and better, eh? (We feel like we can use the "eh" officially now.) We had a great meal and "getting to know you" conversation at a waterfront restaurant about half-way between houses. Doug has had promising job interviews, and we've got our positive vibes going out to the Universe that it works out for him.
Another welcome gift from "the boys" was a real treat - a framed photo of the British Columbia flag to welcome us home.

After dinner a trip back to "Chez Mary/Diane" for some of the chocolate/chocolate/chocolate dessert
and lots of fine BC and "U-Brew" wine from our hostess' 600+ bottle collection. Like I said, make your reservations soon. They're filling up fast!

Back to the city reversing our public transit route and all is well. Speaking of which, update on the girls' mama-dog medical issue: All appears well, and she returned to the menagerie under heavy sedation last evening. Now if we can just get some of the four-legged family issues resolved. Perhaps that's a job for "drf" to conquer upon his many future child-sitting assignments . . . .


a bit of this a bit of that said...

Congratulations on your long awaited arrival to BC! The trip to Schwartz Bay through the Gulf islands, especially through Active Pass, is gorgeous. When the killer whales are migrating it's not unusual to see pods of them along the ferry route. They're show-offs and put on quite the production to the delight of all. (There's a video of them in Active Pass on youtube.)

Btw, have you read what Douglas Coupland has to say about ferries? It's very funny and and, I think, is a perfect encapsulation of our relationship with BC Ferries.

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Now I know why none of you wanted dessert Sat. evening. HA - too funny! Glad you had a great outing and it was a pleasure to meet both of you. We'll plan a trip to Vancouver when you are all settled in and we can browse around the city. Oh, btw, I got the job. They called this morning and orientation is next week. Thanks for the positive vibes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fabulous update. Sounds heavenly!

Canada Calling said...

Big wet kisses from Mama dog and brood(aka her evil spawn).