Monday, April 07, 2008

He's Got a Book ! ! ! !

Please don't do him the favour of buying it, even though he says he's not keeping the profits.

It appears the infamous douglas feith attended the same school of memory lapses as al gonzales. The cretin can't even recall passages of his own book 'til Steve Kroft calls him on it.

The fact that he is walking the halls of Georgetown University and not in prison as a war criminal is the height of injustice . . . .

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Vancouver Isle Doug said...

We saw this goof on 60 Minutes last night and could NOT believe some of the things he was saying!!! I was trying to imagine what a dweeb he was growing up and we thought the Iraq INVASION was his way of getting back at the world for treating him like crap as a kid. I just shake my head and thank a higher power that we are north of the border. OY!