Tuesday, April 22, 2008

With Praise Like That . . . .

From today's Vancouver Sun:

Harper, Bush full of praise at New Orleans meeting
Leaders express mutual admiration on first day of the ‘amigos summit’

BY NORMA GREENAWAYCanwest News Service

NEW ORLEANS - Prime Minister Stephen Harper embraced outgoing U.S. President George Bush on Monday as someone who never over-promised as the two leaders engaged in a round of mutual admiration on the opening day of the “amigos summit.”


Harper was almost effusive about his relationship with Bush, who leaves office in January and is attending his last summit of North American leaders.

“What I appreciate most, what I appreciated in our relationship over the last couple of years, is the fact that whether we agree or disagree, we’re always able to talk very frankly,” Harper said.

“The president has never promised me anything he couldn’t deliver.”


Well, that's an understatement, eh? A promise from bush is so underwhelming.


Though opponents of NAFTA and the Security and Prosperity Partnership were holding workshops in downtown New Orleans, they were out of sight of the three leaders who remained in a small security zone around the old city hall.

Still, NDP MP Peter Julian managed to have anti-SPP brochures and a personal letter left in the hotel rooms of individual reporters. They outlined opponents’ complaints about the process which, they warn, puts Canada’s sovereignty at risk by pursuing unacceptably deep integration with the United States and Mexico on everything from environmental and food safety standards to border security and energy sharing.

At least there are some competent elected officials still in office.

Peter Julian continues to impress . . . .

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Vancouver Isle Doug said...

And I am wondering exactly what parts of New Orleans the leaders of Canada and Mexico are actually seeing. I would suspect just the French Quarter, NOT the remainder of the city that is still basically devastated.