Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm Voting Republican . . . .

Enjoy, and make sure you watch it all the way through the credits.

Just about says it all, eh ? ? ? ?


Vancouver Isle Doug said...

It's a shame that no republicans were harmed in the making of that film.


Marketing Maven said...

Now that you're here, get ready for the deluge of questions about the political debacle that has become the US system. There really is no difference in the political parties - everything equalizes when they have to play the same game, in the same stadium, with the same rules and the same goal. Money talks (corporations and big, rich private donors) and people and the planet (gays, women, visible minorities, et al) lose.

Every day here in Canada confirms that things are better, MUCH better here.

And on a side note, that "eh" was forced. ;-) You'll try slipping it in, but until it becomes 'natural' it will always sound forced. I knew I hit that mark about 8-9 months here when I said "eh" and my Canadian friends didn't respond "forced." (Up until then, to help us transition, they would say "forced" if we tried too hard. ;-)

Once again, I'm sure we haven't said it enough: "Welcome home friends - the true North strong and free!"