Saturday, August 23, 2008

Inaugural West End Dog Show . . . .

The first ever West End Dog Show was held today, and the "Four Footed Child" got to attend!

This is actually NOT the "Best End Show", contrary to the signage and placement of one derrière, but the "Softest Dog" contest.

A gaggle of Chihuahuas on the scene

She was quite well-behaved, and even got to meet her long-lost brother, Luke! (Not being entirely sure, she did a personal exam to confirm the relationship!)

As it was the first time the event was held, there were some glitches, but a good time was had by (almost*) all . . . .

Note Alan of Would Be Canadians fame appearing to be a bit bored with it all. (Click photo to enlarge.)


Canada Calling said...

And who doesn't love a 'A gaggle of Chihuahuas'?:)

MSEH said...

I'm really behind in my reading. Thanks for the great pics!