Thursday, August 28, 2008

Michael Byers for Vancouver Centre MP . . . .

With all the talk of stevie harper calling an election soon, it's time to come clean on who Your's Truly is supporting.

Hedy Fry, Liberal, is a fine MP for the community, but we need a stronger, clearer voice in Parliament to combat harper's destruction of the Canada we moved to. That candidate is Michael Byers of the NDP.

This is his website, and today's post by Michael summarizes the urgency of the situation. If you haven't read it, his book "Intent for a Nation: What is Canada For?" is an excellent read.

Please consider supporting Michael Byers if you are in the riding.

Although we aren't able to vote yet with our Permanent Resident status, we will be volunteering on the campaign and hope to see you there . . . .

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