Monday, September 01, 2008

Protest Photos . . . .

"drf" and I attended the first of probably many more protest rallies in Vancouver today.

The event today was to protest our local provincial government's policies. Led by LINO* gordon campbell, this bunch is one of the more arrogant political organizations I've ever seen - north or south of the 49th parallel.

Signs Distributed by the BC Federation of Labour

The Crowd

More of the Crowd

The Trucks Converging on the City

Some of the 75 Trucks that Participated

Global TV Reporter Interviewing Attendees

The Back of Federal NDP MP Candidate Michael Byers
(Yay, Michael ! ! ! ! )

Vision Vancouver Parks Board Candidate Aaron Jasper
(Yay, Aaron ! ! ! ! )

I actually got to speak with Michael Byers on his way out of the rally and got an update on his progress. Great guy, and needs your support to make it to Ottawa . . . .

*Liberal in Name Only

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