Monday, September 08, 2008

September Sunset . . . .

No earth-shattering news from here today.
How 'bout some sunset shots over English Bay
from earlier this evening?

The Lady Alison advised me that BC, in fact,

also had sunsets when I posted same
our Florida locale.

The Four-Legged Child agrees.


Sorata said...

I've been taken up some shots lately as well... so beautiful!

Nice pix!

West End Bob said...

Thanks, Sorata.

The "Four Legged Child" and I try to get down each evening to enjoy the sunsets. Keeps gettin' earlier and earlier at this time of the year . . . .

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Those are gorgeous! Looks like I have some competition! HAHA! I mentioned on my blog that the Fall sunsets are much more colorful and exciting than summertime sunsets. We actually watched a Moonset the other night as it sunk behind the Washington mountains across the way. With the telescope we could see the silhouettes of the trees against the orange moon. VERY cool THAT was!