Thursday, October 26, 2006

Live Entertainment . . . .

If you haven't tuned in to CPAC's live coverage of Parliament's Question Period when it's in session you might want to soon. It is broadcast live online normally from 2:00 - 3:00 pm, Eastern Time.

The audio and video coverage in both English and French versions is usually quite entertaining. Today there was quite a bit of back and forth regarding different member's expense reports. Another discussion centered around the Tory Health Minister having no independent verification of the health safety of silicone breast implants - only from those scientists affiliated with the implant manufacturers. (Does this sound ominously like the US pharmaceutical companies drafting the Medicare Prescription Drug Program for the bush administration??) Also, the Opposition continues to press the Tories to set a date for revisiting Same Sex Marriage - no specific date as yet - just a commitment to address the issue "this fall".

It is such a refreshing change from the US Congress' sessions in which members babble on and on to a normally empty chamber. The Canadian version has all member's seats filled and the questions and answers back and forth often times get quite heated. It was in this period last week when Belinda Stronach was allegedly called a "dog" by former boyfriend Peter MacKay.

Today a Liberal MP compared the Tory Treasury Minister to a blowfish which lives off the coast. "He puffs up, changes colour and tries to appear much larger than he really is."

Like I said, quite entertaining . . . .

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