Wednesday, October 04, 2006

No More "Never on Sunday!!"

For all of you current and future Nova Scotia residents - Big News announced by the provincial government due to a Supreme Court decision today.

Now after praising the lord on Sundays you can rush out and buy necessities like food, clothes, automobiles, kayaks, moose traps, etc.

Yes, the province has joined the majority of Canadian provinces in allowing seven day a week shopping - Now get out there and stimulate the economy!!


Anonymous said...

Bummer. I've actually been longing for the days of blue laws when we were forced to stay home and relax. Thanks for the update, tho! It's fun to think of myself as a Nova Scotia resident. ;-)

Emilio said...

Me too mseh, and this is a good news for me... but not much for Tom...

Tom said...

Yes, it's true, I hate shopping. :o)

I have been reading about this debate in the "letters to the editor" in the Chronicle Herald. They where banning people from certain aisles on Sundays, some stores where open others were not. It reached a ridiculous point when a women noted she was able to buy alcohol, cigarettes, could gamble, but was not allowed to buy food on Sundays.

West End Bob said...

Just more examples of one group of people legislating behaviour for other groups.

To me there is always an alternative choice whether it may be via TV remote control, or voting with your wallet regarding shopping choices.

We're adults - We're able (well most of us, anyway) to make educated decisions.