Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Net Neutrality . . . . Does is affect you?

If you think the debate over Net Neutrality doesn't affect you, think again. A good review of the situation was broadcast on PBS last week moderated by Bill Moyers. Check out the program here and then contact your Congressperson and Senators to express your views.

We in the blogging community should be particularly concerned if the large telecoms and cable companies begin deciding who gets preferential treatment on the 'Net. When you see how they were promised tax breaks in order to build an infrastructure unsurpassed worldwide and did nothing, it will give you pause. Now the US ranks behind many Asian and European nations in the broadband race due to broken promises by these corporate entities. Guess who is contributing big $$$ to politicians to preserve their monopoly?? You got it: The same corporate entities.

Don't let them get another break at the expense of equal communication opportunities for all . . . . Click on the "Save the Internet" button in our "Links" section to find out how you can help. It's worth your time and effort . . . .

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