Monday, November 13, 2006

It's Only a Number, Right?

Craig Oliver, host of CTV's Question Period, had Monte Solberg the current Minister of Citizenship and Immigration as one of his guests on yesterday's program.

The main topic of discussion was dual citizenship and it's effect on Canada. This topic came to the fore during the Israel/Lebanon confrontation and resulting evacuation of numerous dual citizens earlier this year. Basically, Minister Solberg stated it was something the government was "going to look at and solicit views of" during the next year.

What I found most informative, however, was this:

In response to questions about undocumented workers in the Toronto area he stated that there are "over 800,000 legal immigration applicants" at the present time and those people deserve to be processed expeditiously.

Makes you wonder where you are in that number, doesn't it?


Tom said...

Some days I feel like 799,999. LOL

I wonder why they worry about dual citizenship?

Perhaps the governments should have split the costs for the evacuation or maybe the UN should have charged Israel and Lebanon for it and paid back Canada.

West End Bob said...

Probably Israel should have paid for all of it . . . .

laura k said...

You might be interested in this column about dual citizenship.

I wonder why they worry about dual citizenship?

They don't really. It was only raised to score a few political points. Nothing's actually being changed.

Good luck with that 799,999. You'll get there.