Monday, November 20, 2006

Timeline Update - 7/17/07

Okay, here's our Timeline to date: 7/17/07:

  • 7/25/05 Initial Meeting with immigration attorney
  • 7/25/05 - 8/25/05 Assembling Draft Application Data (Tax returns, business records, verification of common law relationship, education records, addresses, birth certificates, letters of reference, etc.)
  • 8/15/05 FBI fingerprint cards overnighted to FBI for clearance
  • 8/25/05 Working meeting with immigration attorney
  • 9/26/06 Finally finished gathering supporting documents
  • 9/28/05 Application with documents sent off to Buffalo consulate
  • 10/17/05 One partner's FBI fingerprints cleared and accepted
  • 10/25/05 Other partner's FBI fingerprints re-sent for clearance (Initial set illegible)
  • 11/7/05 AOR issued by Buffalo consulate (Yay!)
  • 2//2/06 Other partner's FBI fingerprints re-sent again (2nd set also illegible)
  • 3/13/06 Other partner's FBI fingerprints finally cleared and accepted (Yay!)
  • 11/15/06 Buffalo Consulate transferred our file to the New York City office
  • 5/22/07 New York City office issues initial assessment, medicals requested
  • 7/17/07 Medicals completed and received in Ottawa
Further updates as they are received . . . . Hopefully SOON!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It is such a shame Americans have to flee to Canada. My partner and I are living in Amsterdam now while he attends a Master's program. He's German and I am American. I want to move back to the US, but we can't unless he works for a company that will sponsor his work visa. It's not right. I should be able to immigrate him into the US based on our relationship. I guess we're in exile, too....I hope in 2008 we can get a Democrat in office and they pass

Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo!!!! You lucky guys! NY! Thank your lucky stars that you didn't get txfd to Detroit! Your AOR is 5 months later than ours; it will be interesting to see when we both get our visas.

So, what's your timeline? I.e., will you leave as soon as you get your visas?


West End Bob said...

Don't know if congratulations are in order, but at least there is some movement. Kind of nice after a year of no activity - Thanks!

We were rather disappointed that the file was transferred to NYC as we had requested the Seattle office - closer to Vancouver and I have family in Tacoma so it would have been easier if an interview is required - so much for requests to CIC, eh? Also, don't you find it interesting that on the CIC website it notes that Buffalo is the only office that processes immigrant visas yet they ship them out willy-nilly . . . 'Wass 'up with that? And how do they decide where it goes - Based on backlog per office??

As for timeline for the move, we are planning on making the move as soon as we receive the visa. Unfortunately the real estate market sucks where we are in Florida, so we will probably have to maintain our home here for awhile - Bummer!!

Daniel wbc said...

Up until the past few months, P.R. applications were never transferred outside Buffalo (other types of visas, yes, P.R. no). And all P.R. apps have to go to Buffalo and I guess it's up to them if/where they are transferred. Who knows? It may also be temporary.

If it makes you feel any better, you guys started your process the same time as Alan and I -- our application prep too longer. You're hearing from CIC approximately one year from your AOR. That sounds about right. Let's see if you get your medical requests within a month or two.

I'd like to suggest a completely untested theory that is based on logic and faith alone (uh-oh, trouble ...): Maybe they've determined already that you do not need an interview and thus that wasn't a factor in where it was transferred.

And a question: Even if one's file is at one location, would they let you have your interview (if required) at a different office?

Wow. Congratulations on any progress!

West End Bob said...

Sure hope you're right, re: interview not being required :)!

As for your last question, that is a good one - Actually hope we don't have to test it, though . . . .

gito said...

Congratulations guys!! one step closer!!

Anonymous said...

YEAH! Awesome news! You guys are almost there, once they move to the consulate things seem to speed up.

You'll have to get another set of fingerprints since one of yours is over a year old, but soon comes the letter asking for all that and the medicals!


West End Bob said...


Sure hope the process starts moving quicker now that it's been transferred . . .

As for the fingerprints, we inquired with our immigration attorney and they stated they will not have to be redone. Based on blogs we track - like yours - that may not be the case. It will be interesting to see who is right!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, we received our visas last month. We have until July 27th to cross the border. They waived our interview, none was required. We got our second set of fingerprints from the FBI (as per Mason and Nick's experience advised) they never asked for a second set from us, even though it was well over a year after the first set. I think this whole process is willy-nilly. We were never transfered out of Buffalo. Some folks have received a year on thier visas and some as short as 3 months.
Bottom line - there is no set-in-stone requirements. Be prepared for anything. Get your 2nd FBI prints and have them at the ready. If you never need them, good, if you do need them, it will save you weeks of further delay.

West End Bob said...


Hey, glad you checked in.

Email us with details: Date of AOR, etc.

Thanks for the info - Hope we're OK with the paperwork . . . .