Sunday, November 26, 2006

Saw It II . . . .

One more tidbit about the Dixie Chicks "Shut Up and Sing" and then I'll shut up.

From the local Vancouver paper, The Georgia Straight "Movie Notes" section this week:

Vancouver loves chicks flick (Craig Takeuchi)

Audiences at Fifth Avenue Cinemas have always liked their women strong. So says Festival Cinemas president Leonard Schein, whose theatre also reported the highest North American gross for Shut Up & Sing: The Dixie Chicks, a documentary about the Texan trio after their lead singer’s anti-Bush remarks. Playing four times a day on one screen to 4,000 people per week, Fifth Avenue raked in $45,000 in 10 days. In a phone interview, Schein pointed out that “we outgrossed Toronto, Montreal, or San Francisco, or places in the States that are also quite liberal and democratic, and we’re a much smaller population than any of those cities. So it is actually quite significant that a city the size of Vancouver has more people seeing that film than any theatre in New York or L.A.”

So not only am I glad to be an Aspiring Canadian, I'm especially glad to be an Aspiring Vancouverite who contributed to the numbers at this theatre . . . .


Anonymous said...

I just LOVED that movie. BTW, in case you've not been over "my" way... we got our IA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

West End Bob said...

Went there after walking thru the Vancouver snow and seeing Almodovar's "Volver" on the big screen today - Excellent film and even more EXCELLENT NEWS from your blog!!

Congrats and Bonne Chance!!

Daniel wbc said...

Yes, proud to be a would-be Vancouverite! It seems like such a cool city.

I believe I read that with the elections in January, B.C. has more MPs from the NDP than from any other party. Wow.

Btw, forgive me if I missed stuff here (I try to read it all), but you're still in Vancouver, yes? How is the weather affecting you? Do you have to boil water, etc.? Were you without power? Is there a lot of discussion in local media about how/why this happened -- and how to not let it happen again?

West End Bob said...

Yes, still here - leave early tomorrow (Wed.)

As for the water situation: Yes, there was lots of news about it before the snow/ice set in, anyway. Apparently, the major rains precipitated mudslides into two of the three water reservoirs for the GVRD. The boil water advisory was just lifted on Monday. Supposedly there is a new water filtration plant under construction that will alleviate the problem when it's online in 2009. Hope so!