Sunday, August 03, 2008

Proud in Vancouver, 2008 . . . .

This is our fourth Gay Pride in Vancouver, and our first as Permanent Residents.
'Ya know, it just keeps gettin' better 'n better:

The obligatory nearly-naked boyz

The obligatory exposed breasts

The Vancouver Police Piper Band

National and Provincial NDP'ers
Jack Layton and Carole James

NDP MP Candidate Michael Byers

Vision Vancouver Mayoral candidate
Gregor Robertson on blades - Yumm!

Vancouver firefighters spraying the crowd

Local CTV personalities

Obligatory Drag Queen

"Angels in Canada" in Heels

This year's media and police estimate was 500,000 folks enjoying the festivities. As "drf" and I made our way to the end of the route, those estimates look to be quite accurate.

What we are most appreciative of Vancouver's Gay Pride festivities is how local, provincial and national politicians clamour to participate, rather than our previous home where they are still attempting to discriminate against us.

Life is so much better North of the 49th . . . .


Anonymous said...

Wasn't this year's pride awesome? I liked it a lot, especially because I missed it last year. I saw that you were on Pacific? We were at Denman and Comox.

It was a blast.

BTW, glad you guys made it safe to Canada!

West End Bob said...

We spent most of the time at Burnaby @ Denman and then walked down to Sunset Beach for a bit before the parade actually finished. The past two years we were at Denman & Comox 'cuz we live right there. Just wanted a different view and we didn't get sprayed by the "Water Boy Contingent" . . . . :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, the water boys... or more like water muslce bears... I can still remember their smiles... *drool*

My gosh, we live at Denman and Comox as well! Hmm... this could get very interesting. :D