Thursday, October 05, 2006

BC Going to Pot . . . .

From today's Vancouver Sun:

B.C. residents smoke most pot in Canada, report says

Daily marijuana use outstripping tobacco, UVic research indicates

BY RICHARD WATTS CanWest News Service

VICTORIA — People in B.C. smoke more marijuana than people in any other province in Canada, according to a study released Wednesday.

“There is more occasional and low-risk cannabis use, more tolerant attitudes, and greater availability in B.C. than in the rest of Canada,” says the study for Addictions Research of B.C. based at the University of Victoria.

“In B.C., cannabis, like alcohol, is now regarded as a ‘normal’ recreational drug.” In fact, daily use among young people in B.C. is outstripping tobacco.

And a majority in B.C. want cannabis decriminalized, says the study.

The study cites estimates that put the value of the cannabis industry in B.C. at as much as $3.64 billion a year.

The study, based on a 2004 Canadian Addiction Survey, said more British Columbians report having used cannabis (53 per cent), than other Canadians (44).

British Columbians also report it is easy to find — 65 per cent, versus only 44 in Canada.

Just one of the many "high" lights of our future home!


Tom said...

Interesting. Maryjane makes me paranoid.

West End Bob said...


Reminds me of a quote from Susan Sontag:

"I envy paranoids; they actually feel people are paying attention to them."


West End Bob said...


"drf" thought my comment "was not very nice" - I do hope you take it in the manner it was proposed: Only a humorous recollection of a quote in reference to paranoia - Not at all personal!!

Daniel wbc said...

The prohibition of marijuana is incredibly stupid and destructive. It creates a huge hypocrisy. It turns otherwise law-abiding members of society into criminals. I have a whole post planned on the subject, so I'll shut up now ... but I can't help but say that if you're a young black man caught with a doobie, you'll spend time in jail; if you're a rich white man using cocaine, you can grow up to illegally occupy the White House.

Tom said...

No offense taken at all. I thought is was funny.