Monday, October 20, 2008

bennie's "Spiritual Weapon" Not Aimed at the Mob . . . .

'Ole bennie traveled to the Italian Mafia's 'hood and clammed-up.

Toronto Star's report:

Pope silent on Camorra crime

Prayer `a spiritual weapon in the struggle against evil,' Benedict tells pilgrims

October 20, 2008 - Philip Pullella - REUTERS NEWS AGENCY

POMPEII, Italy–The Vatican yesterday defended Pope Benedict's decision to avoid direct condemnation of organized crime during a trip to a southern area infested by the Camorra, one of its most ruthless manifestations.


In his speeches, Benedict XVI did not use the words organized crime or Camorra, as the local mafia is known. He made only an oblique reference, saying prayer is "a spiritual weapon in the struggle against evil and every form of violence."

Questioned by reporters, a Vatican spokesperson said the Pope intentionally avoided the word Camorra.

"The trip has a strictly spiritual dimension and it was out of respect for the fact that most people from this area are honest and not members of organized crime," the spokesperson said.

"The Pope preferred suggesting the positive energy through which the Camorra can be defeated," he said, noting the pontiff had already spoken out against organized crime during a visit to Naples in 2007.

Here's an alternative theory for your consideration:

Perhaps bennie and the jerks opted to not piss off the Mafiosos in order to keep the ill-gotten gains contributions flowing into the collection plate.

Just a thought . . . .

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