Sunday, October 05, 2008

Faithful Leaders . . . .

The typical Sunday morning consists of sleeping a bit late, some kind of egg dish breakfast, catching up on local newspaper reading and watching "Driving Television" with Zack Spencer . Even though since moving to Vancouver we have been able to shed our vehicle (YAY!!!), I still enjoy keeping up on the current "in" vehicles.

This morning I left the television on after the show and "Listen Up" was broadcast. Not being aware that this was a "christian-oriented" broadcast I didn't immediately turn it off. Their featured segment was an "exclusive" on what the federal Party Leaders feel about their faith and how it has influenced their political careers. View video here.

It was actually quite revealing in many ways. Elizabeth May had I feel the best response, but the very end of the clip is the most interesting in so many ways.

Your thoughts ? ? ? ?

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